Children’s Ministry at Grace UMC…..There’s a place for you!

Grace United Methodist Church strives to engage children in activities and programs that will nurture their growth spiritually, physically, mentally and socially. Children are involved in a variety of ministries, each with the specific goal of helping children to grow in their understanding of what it means to be children of God. From Sunday School to preschool to summer activities, Grace is where children are loved and valued.

Grace United Methodist Church welcomes your child; we invite you to make our church his or her church home. We have committed ourselves to helping you provide an environment for your child’s well-being and growth. Our motivation is honest: we want the children of Grace to enter into a relationship with Jesus Christ and come to understand and possess Christian attitudes and beliefs that will shape them throughout their lives.

Children are involved in the total life of the church through the following:


Children are wanted and welcomed in all worship services of the church. Children’s bulletins and a special “Small Talk” are a part of our services. Childcare is provided during worship for infants through 2 year olds in our nursery. Preschoolers through fifth graders are encouraged to accompany their families to worship, and after Small Talk, will be led to their designated Sunday School Classes by the leaders of Children’s Ministry.


Children ages 3 and 4 are invited to attend our special activities offered at 9:00 am and Sunday School at 10:30 on Sunday mornings. Children participate in activity based Christian programs which include music, crafts and story-telling.


Sunday School for kindergarten through fifth grade features the workshop rotation model. This means that children focus on a theme or topic for several weeks, but experience the theme in a variety of ways. Our program includes computers, cooking, storytelling, drama, crafts, games, science and music. Bible study is an important part of each activity, and children participate in groups according to age level.


Our congregation appreciates participation in worship by our children. In addition to special Sundays led by children, Grace features a children’s choir and bell choir, which participate in worship during various times of the year.


Committed to providing a safe, nurturing Christian environment for young children, the staff provides childcare in the Nursery for both worship and non-worship purposes. Childcare for infants and pre-schoolers is provided during both worship services.


At Grace we like children to be excited about coming to church. In addition to our regular weekly programs Grace offers many special activities throughout the year. We invite all children to participate in age appropriate events.

  • Fun Fridays
  • Mini-Lock-ins
  • Summer Picnic
  • Field Trips
  • Vacation Bible School
  • Fall-Party-For-All
  • Easter Egg Hunt
  • Christmas Program and Activities
  • And more…

We want the children who enter Grace UMC to feel safe, loved, and valued. We will provide an experience where children have the opportunity to know Jesus as a friend, where they understand what it means to worship Him, and where they accept the fact that faith works.

We are committed to walking with parents and guardians as they nurture their child to know Jesus Christ as God’s Son, and their own Savior and Lord.