January 3, 2016- “Three Kings? There Was Really Only One. His name was Cyrus.”

January 10, 2016- “A New Year’s Resolution – Count Your Blessings, Not Your Deficits”

January 17, 2016- “There is Evil – Have No Fear Anyway!”

January 24, 2016- “Parental Guidance”

January 31, 2016- “Why Jesus Said We Need to be Born Again”

February 7, 2016- “Dealing With Life’s Disappointments”

February 14, 2016- “Every Saint Has a Past – You Have a Bright Future”

February 21, 2016- “Despotic Kings and Desolate Houses”

February 28, 2016- “The Call for One and All”

March 6, 2016- “Not an Arbitrary Forgiveness”

March 13, 2106- “More Than One Way to Steal”

March 20, 2016- “Jesus, Pharisees, Rock and Silence”

March 27, 2016- “What’s That Got To Do With It”

April 3, 2016- “In Case You Missed It The First Time”

April 10, 2016- “The Choices of Life: Remain in Damascus or Remain Blind”

April 17, 2016- “The Shepherd King”

April 24, 2016- “What Happened to All the Old Rules”

May 1, 2106- “From Checklists to Chains”

May 8, 2016- “Finding Love in All the Right Places”

May 15, 2016- “It’s Not About Speaking – It’s About Understanding”

June 5, 2016- “That The Generation to Come May Come to Know”

June 12, 2016- “For You Yourselves Were Foreigners”

June 19, 2016- “Love Letters From God – Our Daddy, Who Art in Heaven”

June 26, 2016- “Love Letters From God – The Greatest of These Is Love”

July 10, 2016- “There is More Than One Kind of Thief”

July 24, 2016- “The Lord’s Prayer”

July 31, 2016- “What are We Using to Fill Our Barns?”

August 7, 2016- “The Death of a Twelve Year Old That Changed the World”

August 14, 2016- “Kaleidoscope People”

August 21, 2016- “A Sunday Kind of Love”

August 28, 2016- “In the Eyes of Heaven, It’s the Ultimate Faux Pas”

September 4, 2016- “To Run & Not Grow Weary – A Message for Labor Day”

September 11, 2016- “Look What I Found!”

September 18, 2016- “Willing to be Your Master”

September 25, 2016- “I’m Not Picking on You. It’s In the Lectionary”

October 2, 2016- “If the World Ever Needed to be Transformed by the Love of Christ, It Is Now”

October 9, 2016- “The Things That Seem Too Easy to Bother With”

October 16, 2016- “Worship Sermon”

October 23, 2016- “Daring to Change the World”

October 30, 2016- “On That Day”

November 6, 2016- “Asking the Right Questions”

November 13, 2016- “We Will Celebrate Today, But Many Elsewhere Will Sacrifice”

November 20, 2016- “The World’s Full of Apathy – And I Don’t Care”

November 27, 2016- “A Light Called Hope”

December 4, 2016- “Prince of Peace”

Christmas Eve- “Unique and Special”

December 25, 2016- “A Real Celebration of Christmas”

January 1, 2017- “The Roads We Travel”

January 8, 2017- The Sayings of the Wise, A Sermon Series for Epiphany- “Faith propels us onward toward the things we hope for. If you aren’t working toward what you hope for, that is called wishing.”
        Meditation- “As an infant, they come to him, but as an adult, he came to us.”

January 15, 2017- “Believe In Order That You May Understand”

January 22, 2017- The Sayings of the Wise, A Sermon Series for Epiphany- “The 3 C’s: Choices, Chances, Changes. You must make a choice to take a chance or your life will never change.”
       Mediation- “Sometimes You Just Need to Take the Chance”

January 29, 2017- The Sayings of the Wise, A Sermon Series for Epiphany- “The Beatitudes: Can These Really Be Wisdom Sayings”
       Meditation- “Jesus Is Wise, But Does He Really Have a Clue”

February 5, 2017- The Sayings of the Wise, A Sermon Series for Epiphany- “We Are Here To Laugh at the Odds, and Live Our Life So Well That Death Will Tremble to Take Us”
       Meditation- “Making the World Wish You Would Live Forever”

February 12, 2017- The Sayings of the Wise, A Sermon Series for Epiphany- “That Which You Choose Is 
       Meditation- “Jesus Remember Me- A Choice For Life”

February 19, 2017- The Sayings of the Wise, A Sermon Series for Epiphany- “The Day the Power of Love Overrules The Love of Power…”
       Meditation- “May We Be the Source of Change, In a World With Countless Wisdom Statements, But Too Little Action

February 26, 2017- “Fear Does Not Stop Death, It Stops Life”

March 5, 2017- “Not a Chance Encounter”

March 12, 2017- “Not A Chance Encounter #2”

March 19, 2017- “Worship in Spirit and Truth

March 26, 2017- “Beauty and the Beast”

April 9, 2017- “Who Is This?”

April 13- Maundy Thursday Service Pt. I / Maundy Thursday Service Pt. II

April 16, 2017- “Keep Only the Joy”

April 23, 2017- “Doubt: A Divine Blessing”

April 30, 2017- “Look Up: Road Under Construction”

May 7, 2017- “Rounding Up the Sheep”

May 14, 2017- “Surrounded by Marys – Surrounded by Moms”

May 21, 2017- “Altar to an Unknown God”